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Welcome to the Gillingham and District Angling Association website.

We are pleased to be associated with the British Disabled Angling Association (BDAA) and we are members of the Angling Trust.

You will find by clicking on the various tabs above links to information on the clubs waters (venues) Match Reports, News, History plus other items of interest.

Please email us details of notable catches or general information for inclusion and any news item which you think will be of interest to the club and it's members.

Please check the gallery, news and match reports on a regular basis for updates and information.

We hope you will enjoy our website and join our club where you will have access to superb fishing on the River Stour and lakes we own and rent.
Please follow any guidelines that are operating under the current Covid 19 crisis.

Please email: with any changes or a new email address.

Thank you and Stay safe!
Enjoy your fishing!



Due to the very high temperatures we are experiencing at present and with the high temperatures forecast to continue for the foreseeable future, the retention of fish in keepnets (except for authorised matches) and carp sacks is banned until further noticed.  Carp can be retained for the few minutes to prepare for a photograph and then the fish is only to be out of the water for the minimum period.  Make sure that all weigh slings, cradles and unhooking mats are thoroughly wetted before a fish is placed in them.  The only authorised matches for the remainder of July are the three hour evening matches on Wednesdays and the Jim Debenham Memorial match on 31st July. The anglers fishing these matches are to make sure that fish welfare is a priority and they should ask for advice if they are concerned about the fish in their nets.  This ban will remain under review and will be lifted as soon as possible. 

Frequent checks will be made by the bailiff's and committee members.

The ever popular wednesday evening matches at Lodden on the Dave Hillier lake, will continue this year. This is a series of short open matches and not restricted to members only. Dates and times for the matches are listed below. All members please be aware the Dave Hillier lake will close at 16:00 and re-open at 21:30 on the match days. Limited to 24 pegs, booked on a first come first serve basis.


EVENING Series Matches
27th July - draw 16:45 fish 17:45 - 20:45
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SUMMER Series Matches

7th Aug - Witherington Farm (Cottage Lake)
4th Sept - River Stour (Sturminster)
BOOK IN ABOVE WITH Dave Sealy (01747) 823159

Other SUMMER Matches
31st July - Jim Debenham Memorial @ Lodden Lakes
2nd Oct - Carnival Match @ Lodden Lakes
BOOK IN ABOVE WITH Dave Sealy (01747) 823159

Visiting Club Bookings
11th Sept - Haines Angling @ Lodden Lakes

Winter Series Matches (upper River Stour)
16th Oct 
30th Oct
13th Nov
27th Nov
11th Dec
8th Jan (2023)
Reserve date - 22nd Jan (2023)
BOOK IN ABOVE WITH Dave Sealy (01747) 823159

Other WINTER Matches
18th Dec - XMAS Match River Stour or Lodden(dependent on River Condition)
5th Feb (2023) Club Pairs (Depending if we have another venue)
19th Feb (2023) - DaveHillier Memorial
BOOK IN ABOVE WITH Dave Sealy (01747) 823159

Message from Chairman Pete Edwards 

Attention Carp anglers - Several discarded/lost lengths of terminal tackle have been found around the small lake at Lodden, unfortunately these have had barbed hooks attached. Barbed hooks are not permitted at Lodden lakes. If you ignore this rule, you risk the sanction of being banned. You have been warned. Also, the current rules allow one non angling guest to accompany you while you fish, this rule does not mean that you can have multiple visitors to your peg during your session. This is annoying to other anglers. There will also be increased bailiff visits to ensure that barbed hooks are not being used and anglers are respecting the rules of Lodden lakes.

Pete Edwards





Please be aware there are cameras in operation on Lodden Lakes and your actions could be filmed at any time.

We only keep records on members that they have given to us, for the purpose of keeping members informed and to identifying current membership. Every member has the right to have their data removed from our lists or can request details of any records we hold of them. A full copy of our G.D.P.R. policy will be sent on request. 

Our Health and Safety Policy plus Risk assessment for fishing can be found under Club Download tab above.

last update 16/05/2022
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