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Specimen & Club Records

Gillingham & District Angling Club has a prolific Specimen section which is no suprise as the club waters offer specimen sized Tench, Bream, Pike, Perch, Eels, Chub, Roach, Barbel, Common Carp, Grass Carp, Ghost Carp and Mirror Carp.

The main of the Carp fishing is done at Lodden Lakes, with both lakes holding fish up to 25lb plus.
In 2007 the club introduced around 20 double figure simmo carp into the Small Lake to help focus the carp fishing on this lake. This was to boost the already thriving stock of Carp that had been introduced into the lakes shortly after it was opened.

The Small Lake has also seen some major changes over the recent months with some of the swims on the Shaftesbury Bank being opened up to allow Bivvies to be sited, something that was previously not possible due to the steep banks. 

This is a very popular lake throughout the year and responds well to floaters during the Spring and Summer months, this can see some really hectic spells of action, but remember its best to get the fish feeding confidently first then cast your hookbait beyond the feeding fish and slowly pull your hookbait back into the feeding area.
Small PVA bags with crushed boilies and pellet with a pop-up or balanced bottom bait work well through-out the year, Pineapple Pop-up a particular favourite in early spring and Mainline Cell devistating all year round.

The Small Lake can become busy at times as there is a limited number of swims, so please take this into consideration before deciding where to fish, 3 of the 4 banks are fishable so as a general rule of thumb, only fish to half way across.

Please email any photos and details of your latest catches to and I will add them to the gallery, hopefully helping us to build up a better picture of how frequently the fish are coming out and their weight.
Please remember that there is a Tench and Carp Trophy to be fished for each season, for fish to qualify for this they must be caught in any of our club waters. Claims for either trophy should be made via email to the webmaster and witnessed by at least one senior memeber. Please send your enteries ASAP after the capture along with any details and the name and contact details of the witness.

Good Luck!  


Species Weight Date Venue Name
Barbel 6lb 0oz 2002 River Stour Tony West
Common Bream 7lb 3oz   Turners Paddock M. Thick
Silver Bream        
Common Carp        
Mirror Carp 24lb 12oz 2011 Lodden Lakes Ricky Searle
Leather Carp        
Crucian Carp        
Chub 4lb 13oz 2002 River Stour Paul Stone
Eel 6lb 12oz   Lodden Lakes  Kev Harvey 
Brown Goldfish        
Grass Carp 17lb 10oz 2012 Lodden Lakes Dickie Discombe
Perch 2lb 14oz 2002 River Stour M, Trevis
Pike 22lb 8oz 2006 Lodden Lakes Rob Bailey
Roach 3lb 1oz 2002 River Stour J. Eggleton
Tench 5lb 5oz     C. Pollard
Brown Trout 2lb 14oz 1982 River Shreen C . Discombe
Rainbow Trout        

Please remember that any application for a club record must be sent in to the club, verified and if possible photos taken and sent in.

January 2016

Darren Pearce with a 21ib 10oz Common caught in the Small Lake at Lodden.

01st September 2015
Jeremy Cooke caught this stunning 15lb Common from the small lake 

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