Gillingham & District Angling Association
Over 7 miles of the River Stour and 5 lakes to fish



ASSOCIATION CHALLENGE CUP                      J STAMP                   487 PTS
PRITCHARD CUP                                                 D SEALY                    482 PTS
WESSEX CUP                                                      P EDWARDS/J SEARLE              472 PTS
MARTIN CUP (HEAVIEST BAG)                         J SEARLE       18 LB 8OZ
ROACH CUP (HEAVIEST ROACH)                       M HUNT          1 LB 6OZ
GUDGEON CUP (BAG OF GUDGEON)                  K HARVEY               15OZ
DACE CUP (BAG OF DACE)                                   J SEARLE    10LB 4 OZ
PERCH CUP (HEAVIEST PERCH)                         A WEST  2LB 4OZ
T SUTTLE MERIT CUP                                        ----------
MANNING CUP (XMAS MATCH)                        P LEACH 9 LB 13OZ
COMMITTEE CUP                                                P KNIGHT 6 LB 10OZ
TAYLOR KNOCK OUT SHIELD                           P EDWARDS
WINTER BAG OF BREAM                                   R FRIPP 9 LB 3OZ
LADIES WINTER CHAMPION                           ----------




ECCLIFFE TROPHY                                              B DUKES         492 PTS
RED ROSE TROPHY                                             J STAMP       487 PTS
SUMMER OUTINGS TROPHY                             R SEARLE          486 PTS
LEVER CUP (HEAVIEST BAG)                              J STAMP       253LB 6 OZ
BEST FISH SUMMER OUTINGS                         M HUNT    CARP   14LB 9OZ
MERRIFIELD LADIES CUP                                  ------------

J DEBNAM MEMORIAL SHIELD                        D SEALY  44LB


TENCH TROPHY                                                 R KEIRNAN 4 LB 4 OZ

SUMMER PAIRS                                                 R SEARLE/R RANDALL   14 PTS







1ST MATCH    R FRIPP   162 LB 14 OZ
2ND MATCH   M HARPER        134 LB 0OZ
3RD MATCH    J STAMP     253 LB 6 OZ
4TH MATCH   J MILLS         85 LB 4OZ
5TH MATCH    R SEARLE        122 LB 12OZ
6TH MATCH    B DUKES         13LB 4OZ


1ST MATCH    J RANDALL         11 LB 14OZ
2ND MATCH   A WEST           9LB 12OZ
3RD MATCH    J STAMP       11 LB 6OZ
4TH MATCH   N KERLEY        7 LB 5OZ
5TH MATCH    J SEARLE        15 LB 8OZ
6TH MATCH    R FRIPP            10LB 7OZ


Work parties 16th Sept & 7th Oct 2018

1st match 21st Oct
2nd match 11th Nov 
3rd match  25th Nov 
4th match 9th Dec
Xmas match  16th Dec
Reserve date 23rd Dec 
5th match 6th Jan 2019
6th match 20th Jan 2019
Dave Hillier memorial 17th Feb 2019

Work Party Lodden Lakes
Aim of the Work Party 24/25 March 2018: 
To improve air flow and oxygen levels and to help combat weed problem.

A work party was held at Lodden Lakes on the weekend 24th - 25th, with the work carrying on through the following week. I would like to say big thank you to the following for all their hard work. Martin Colohan, Ken Murchie, John Collings, Dave Sealey, Pete Edwards, Sue Collings, Wayne Hunt, Jill Hunt, Mark Harper, Steve Harper, Ray Webster, Joe Searle, and Charlie Walters . 
A lot of work has been carried out this year after the report done by A E Fisherie Consultants. We have been working through the recommendations that were made. Platforms have been removed where it has been possible as they were beginning to be a hazard, the ones that have been left have been repaired,the Norfolk Reeds around the lake have been pulled back to make this possible. 
We have had a digger in for the last week carrying out the necessary work. A lot of tree work has been carried out around the lake which may look a bit bare at the moment but will soon grow back at a more manageable level. 
This has been a lot of hard work. It is a shame that more of our members could not give up a little bit of their time to make it easier on the few that do help. A lot of us are getting older now and a lot of the jobs we have had to pay out to be done, which doesn’t come cheap. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have kept licences as low as possible over the years. But it is now becoming impossible to improve the Fisherie without more investment. Unfortunately I think it will not be possible to keep the membership costs at its present level in the coming season. 
I hope you appreciate all the work that is being carried out for everyone’s benefit. 
We will keep you all informed with future events as they happen. 

                   Tight Lines
                   Mike Hunt 
                   Chairman  4 April 2018

The Club is currently working with A&E Fisherie Consultants to make some improvements at the Lakes. When the netting was done we moved some of the bream and roach from the small Lake into the main Lake. Then some of the small carp have been moved from the main lake into the small lake. This has been done for a reason one of them being the weed. I hope the members will respect what we are trying to do. NO FISH ARE TO BE TRANSFERRED FROM LAKE TO LAKE !! WHERE THE FISH ARE NOW IS WHERE THEY ARE TO STAY.

Two Counties  

We have a similar problem at this venue where people are transferring fish from one lake to another. When this Fishery was created we wanted to have a small tench and pure crucian carp lake. Due to anglers transferring fish we now have fish all over the place. We are going to sort this out again in the future so as it is back to what it should be. Obviously this takes time and money again, we try to keep down the cost of the membership but it is difficult when people are working against us with little thought for others. If it continues I will be putting it forward to the committee that we will have no alternative but to ban keep nets.

I hope that you will cooperate so we will not have to take these drastic steps. 

Thanks for your cooperation 
               Mike Hunt 

Match Dates 2018

Spring matches
18th March Hill View
1st April Lodden Lake
15th April Two Counties
29th April Lodden Lake
13th May White Post
27th May Lodden Lake
Summer Matches
June 3rd Lodden /Two counties summer pairs
June 17th Ash and Homeground
July 1st Witherington
July 15th Jim Deb lodden
July 29th Hill View
August 12th Whitemoor
September 9th white post
September 23rd Sturminster River Stour

Aug 25 26 27





4TH MATCH 29 APRIL                  LODDEN LAKES

5TH MATCH 13TH MAY                WHITEPOST

6TH MATCH 27TH MAY                LODDEN LAKES

Précis of Weed Report from a meeting with Andrew Ellis  AE Fisheries.

  • After my visit this week, firstly I must mention how tidy and clean the fishery is, the lakes are a credit to the club.  
  • A few things to improve the lake and weed issues. The weed that is prominent is Potamogeton Crispus :
  • Potamogeton crispus, the curled pondweed or curly-leaf pondweed, is a species of aquatic plant native to Eurasia but an introduced species and often a noxious weed in North America.
  • ·      Do not apply any more calcium carbonate, as this will make the weed worse. It is a useful product in the right circumstances, but not at the moment.
  • ·      Feeding the fish will help dramatically although anglers like to moan if they believe it affects catches, in fairness it will not.
  • ·      In fact we have proven many times that if done properly it improves catches as I mentioned. Fish that are active and moving around constantly are healthier and easier to catch.
  • ·      Removing snags and feeding fish are always overlooked and anglers think that simply restocking will improve catches.
  • ·      For the price anglers pay they are already get great value for money and need to understand the club has the fisheries interest at heart.
  • ·      I believe you have more than enough stock already, just need managing.
  • ·       With feeding the fish, you would feed several areas around the lake targeting areas where the weed is most likely to be at it’s worse.
  • ·      You need to feed all around the lake so as to keep the fish moving around the lake, rotating some of the areas that you feel most affected by the weed especially the car park end.
  • ·      Feeding fish even 1 per cent of body weight per day all around the lake would be of great benefit.
  • ·      The weed is only in abundance where there is little movement in the water, which is the reason why the weed is at the car park end, in front of pegs 7,8,9,13,14. These areas are most sheltered and allows the weed to settle and grow.
  • ·       It would help by cutting down all the trees on the 3 islands, easier to burn on the islands.
  • ·      You can do some decent tree surgery to improve light and airflow. This would really help, don’t be shy with your work.
  • ·      We remove trees all the time and fill with marginal plants such as Flag Iris and Carex Riparia.
  • ·      The Norfolk reed is a real pain as it encroaches too far and I would suggest that you cut it all around the lake during the winter months so as to maximise the air flow on the water.
  • ·      At a later date you may consider getting a machine in and pull back the banks with the Norfolk reeds and replant with other marginal plants.
  • ·      A consideration would be to remove the points where you have pegs 6,10 . If you were to dig it back 20-30 yards you would increase air flow dramatically on the pegs that are currently in the sheltered areas.
  • ·       You would not reduce the number of pegs.


 Would all members please note that they are in their own right bailiffs of the club and as such can ask for another members card or membership number. If you notice any behaviour that is detrimental to the club and it's members then please let us know as soon as possible. If you see any rubbish please pick it up and take it home even if it's not yours! We want to our club to have responsible members and we would ask that you please all act responsibly when fishing our waters.


For all members and those wanting to join the club... The new season memberships are available from  Crockers Hardware in Gillingham, Todber Manor Fisheries at Todber and from Revels Fishery near Dorchester.

Please do not forget to take your existing membership card with you when renewing your licence there is an admin charge of £5.00 if we issue you with a new card. Thank you for helping us with this. 


We are a friendly club and try and work with all members so that they may all enjoy their particular form of fishing. Some members have asked can they bring a dog with them to Lodden Lakes. Whilst rule 19. in the handbook states  :

"Members shall not be accompanied by a dog when fishing." 

We will allow a quiet dog that is fully under control and the member ensures that all mess is cleared up and disposed of properly.  
This relaxation of the rule will be reviewed periodically and should it be found that members are abusing this then a strict "no dog" rule will be enforced.
We will endeavour to make sure all bailiffs are aware but please understand that the message does not always get through!

Other Summer Matches




Visiting clubs (Lakes closed)


Lodden (Dave Hillier lake)

Two Counties (Mere)








Work parties on river



Winter Series


1)    15th  October

2)    29th October

3)    12th  November

4)    26th November

5)    7th January 2018

6)    21st January 2018

Other winter matchers

10th December: Christmas match

17th December: Christmas/winter series reserve

4th February 2018: Club pairs

18th February 2018: Dave Hillier memorial



ASSOCIATION CHALLENGE CUP                      J STAMP                   479 PTS
PRITCHARD CUP                                                 R FRIPP                     467 PTS
WESSEX CUP                                                      J CANDY / A WEST 463 PTS
MARTIN CUP (HEAVIEST BAG)                         J STAMP     23 LB 8OZ
ROACH CUP (HEAVIEST ROACH)                       R KNIGHT     1 LB 3OZ
GUDGEON CUP (BAG OF GUDGEON)                  J MILLS               8OZ
DACE CUP (BAG OF DACE)                                   -------
PERCH CUP (HEAVIEST PERCH)                         D ANDERS 2LB
T SUTTLE MERIT CUP                                        R KNIGHT
MANNING CUP (XMAS MATCH)                        J MILLS 13 LB 4 OZ
COMMITTEE CUP                                                R MANNS 9 LB 4OZ
TAYLOR KNOCK OUT SHIELD                           J SEARLE
WINTER BAG OF BREAM                                   R KNIGHT 5 LB 11OZ
LADIES WINTER CHAMPION                           ----------


ECCLIFFE TROPHY                                              J MILLS         485 PTS
RED ROSE TROPHY                                             R MANNS       480 PTS
SUMMER OUTINGS TROPHY                             R FRIPP           475 PTS
LEVER CUP (HEAVIEST BAG)                              R FRIPP       141 LB 10 OZ
BEST FISH SUMMER OUTINGS                         D SEALY    CARP   13LB
MERRIFIELD LADIES CUP                                  S COLLINGS  414 PTS

J DEBNAM MEMORIAL SHIELD                        R KEIRNAN 22LB


TENCH TROPHY                                                 M PONTING 4 LB 3 OZ

SUMMER PAIRS                                                 J MOODY/J MILLS   22 PTS



2ND MATCH   R FRIPP        141 LB 10OZ
3RD MATCH    R MANNS     74 LB 4 OZ
4TH MATCH   J MILLS         73 LB 8OZ
5TH MATCH    B DUKES        14 LB 4OZ
6TH MATCH    B DUKES         7LB 12OZ


1ST MATCH    J STAMP         12 LB 1OZ
2ND MATCH   R FRIPP           17 LB 0OZ
3RD MATCH    J SEARLE       17 LB 8OZ
4TH MATCH   J STAMP        23 LB 8OZ
5TH MATCH    J CANDY        17 LB 6OZ
6TH MATCH    R FRIPP            9LB 9OZ


1st Lodden Lakes 4 June

2nd White Post 18 June

3rd Witherington 2 July

4th Hillview 30 July

5th Whitemoor (Holt nr Wimborne) 3 September 

6th Staverton 17 September

Jim Debnam memorial match 16 July Lodden

Summer pairs 13 August Lodden

Book in with Dave on (01747)823159 

All times and fees will be confirmed by Dave.

15th Jan 2016



 Addendum of Match Procedure

Within the planned match programme, the match secretaries can change the duration and or venue of any match, taking into account (but not limited to) local fishery rules, weather and water conditions and safety of the members, as they deem necessary".    

01st Jan 2016

" As of the last A G M the duration of matches in the summer series 2015 shall be 5 hrs. 
This allows the results to stand and trophies to be awarded accordingly " 
Kind regards
Neil Kerley
Membership Secretary

8th June 2015
You can now view and download a copy of the Club Handbook by visiting the Club Downloads Tab on the website and clicking the Handbook 2015 - 2016 link or by clicking here.
Please take note of the various changes for the new season. 

01st June 2015
Gillingham & District Angling Association memberships are available from early June from Todber Manor Fisheries Shop, Crockers Hardware in Gillingham and Revels Fishery in Buckland Newton.

Tickets are priced as follows:

Special Rate Junior (9-10 years old)


Full Local Junior (under 18 on 16th June 2012)


Full Local Senior (16-65 years old)


Full local O.A.P/ Ladies/Disabled


Associate Junior


Associate Senior


Day Ticket

Replacement membership card




This year memberships cards will be in the form of a card, and all members will receive the new updated handbook which contains maps and useful information about the club.

Gillingham’s water gives access to 7 miles of the Upper Stour, Whitepost Lakes at Todber, Mappowder Court Lakes at Mappowder, Turners Paddock at Stourton, Lodden Lakes at Gillingham (with an additional fee) and exchange books with Dorchester AA, Langport AA and Marlborough and District AA.

All anglers who fish the matches must be members of the Association for that year.

Next week is the first of Gillingham’s Summer Series at Todber Manor’s Park Lake.  Book in with Dave Sealy on (01747)823159.

14th April 2015
Please could all members with email addresses email, the membership secretary, with their details in order that the G&DAA newsletter may be sent to them by email.  Also a reminder that the new club handbook is in the process of being collated and is a great place to promote your business for very little cost, but space is limited and is running out fast!

The presentation night and annual dinner is on May 2nd at the Olive Bowl in Gillingham.  The Presentation should start at about 9 O’clock but members are welcome to come to the dinner beforehand and prices are £10.50 for children and £23.00 for adults.

The Annual General Meeting is on May 6th At the Coronation Club, Gillingham at 7.30.  Any member who has a proposal should put it in writing and send to the Secretary, Simon Hebditch at 10 Pimpernel Court, Gillingham, Dorset. SP8 4UW or email

04th April 2015
All members please note that there is a Work Party Weekend at Lodden Lakes on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th April.
Please come and give a hand to maintain your lake, even if its just for a few hours.

The club is holding its Annual AGM Meeting on May 6th at the Coronation Club - Gillingham, please be there for a 7.30pm start.

Please note that Sturmister Newton Angling Club have now taken over the lease of Mappowder Lakes but Gillingham AA members can still fish there until August 31st 2016.

Lastly, its that time of year again - the clubs Annual Presentation Evening is upon us; this years venue is again the Olive Bowl in Gillingham and its being held on the 2nd May with the Trophy Presentation due to start at 8.30pm.
Please try to attend this event, even if you have nothing to collect; its a great evening which is for non-members as well, so bring the family along to support the event.

13th March 2015
Gillingham AA offer a  close season lake ticket which is half price and valid from 15th March until the new season starts on June 16th.  Tickets are available from Crockers Hardware in Gillingham, Wiltshire Angling in Trowbridge and from Revels fishery in Buckland Newton.
Could all members who were presented trophies last year please return them to Dave Sealey or Paul Stone as soon as possible, so they can be given out at Presentation night which is on May 2nd this year.

There is a 24 hour Carp match at Lodden on 11th/12th April, and there are still spaces available.  Book in with James Kiernan for this.
The first Spring match is on Park lake at Todber Manor on Sunday 22nd March and there are still a couple of places available.  Book in with Ken on (01747)861495.

Gillingham and District Angling Association are running their junior instruction course again this year. If you are aged between 9 and 12 years old then come and join us at Two Counties Lake near Mere for lessons with some of the clubs best anglers.  They will start on Saturday 9th May at 10.00 am for two hours then again for the next two weeks.  The course will then end with a small match on Saturday 30th May between the course members.  All parents are welcome to stay and watch during all instruction lessons and it is all free.  If you are interested then give John Collings a ring on 01747-821301 and come and join us and have a fun time learning to fish.

09th February 2015
A message to you all from Neil Kerley - The Club is in the process of having a new Handbook printed and are offering attractive rates for advertising within the re-vamped handbook.
The rapidly expanding club currently has 250 members which will all have acess to the handbook, along with a copy on the website, which attracts many visitors from near and far evry week.
If you would like any further details, please contact Neil Kerley on 07917 678454 or 

17th January 2015
Please note that tomorrows pairs match on the river has been cancelled, this will now take place on the 25th January.

30th July 2014

Gillingham & District AA’s junior 14 year old Lewis Hall caught this 22lb 11oz Mirror Carp from the Dave Hillier Lake at Lodden Lakes Gillingham on CC Moores Live System to break his PB.

28th July 2014
Gillingham and District Angling Association have launched a new range of clothing via ade-sign - Unit 33, Brickfield Business Park, Gillingham. Tel 01747 822286/

If you dont spot the growing number of anglers wearing this on the bank, please feel free to go and see Ade at his shop where he'll be more than happy to help you.

All clothing is branded names and includes VAT:

Tee Shirts £12.00
Polo Shirts £15.95
Sweat Shirts £15.95
Hoodie £17.95
Cap £10.00
Beanie £10.00

Tee Shirt £10.00
Polo Shirt £12.00
Sweat Shirt £14.00
Hoodie £15.95

Bum Bag £8.50

Mug £6.50

They can print on most things so pop in and have a look.

20th July 2014
The summer outing dates and most venues have been planned in for next season:
June 7th 2015: Todber Manor - Park Lake
June 21st 2015: Lands End Fisheries
July 5th 2015: Revels Fisheries
July 19th 2015: Witherington
Aug 2nd 2015: River Huntspill
Sept 6th 2015: Bristol Avon - Staverton

14th July 2014
Well done to local rods Richard Chave and John Moody who have both qualified for the Grand Final of RiverFest 2014 on the 15th & 16th November 2014. They finished first and second in the local qualifier this weekend on the Bristol Avon at Newbridge (please see match report below).
Good luck to you both in the final

RiverFest 2014 Qualifier
Bristol Avon, Newbridge (60 pegs)
Bream showed well for the leading two anglers, Richard Chave booking his place in the final with 51-7-0 from peg 97 where he used groundbait feeder with worm and maggot to bank 10 bream after taking some roach on the bolo rod. Runner-up John Moody also bagged a qualifying spot with second on peg 124 where he used feeder and maggot for 41-5-0 of bream, Danny Ashington winning the third section to also make the final with a double figure net.
Result: 1 R Chave, Garbolino Blackmore Vale MG, 51-7-0; 2 J Moody, Garbolino Blackmore Vale MG, 41-5-0; 3 S Hemingray, Drennan/Sensas, 33-2-0; 4 B Preece, Bridgnorth AS, 27-12-0; 5 J Carty, Devizes AA, 27-1-0; 6 C Fletcher, Bathampton, 24-6-0.
Qualifiers: Richard Chave, John Moody and Danny Ashington.

12th July 2014
Tickets are now available for the 18th annual Gillingham & District Angling Association 3 Day Festival which is on August Bank holiday weekend of 23rd, 24th and 25th on the Dave Hillier Lake at Lodden, Turners Paddock at Stourhead and Whitepost Lakes at Todber. Entry is £80 all in and would all those who want to fish contact Simon Hebditch as soon as possible to confirm their place on (01747)821218 or (07990)690613.

29th June 2014
Please can members who are renewing their memberships for this year, send your e-mail address to Mr Neil Kerley on (if you have one) we are hoping to e-mail newsletters to those able to receive them this year, to save on postage costs and you will then receive them more quickly.

14th June 2014
Please note that there is a new padlock on the gate at Lodden Lakes, it is the same number as before but the lock has a small button underneath that needs to be depressed to open the lock.

11th June 2014
Please remember that everyone  who fishes the Gillingham AA matches should be 2014-15 Gillingham members. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances Todber Manor Fisheries will not be doing Gillingham and District Angling association Memberships for the 2014-15 season, but we would like to reitterate that all Gillingham & District Angling Association anglers please continue to support Todber Manor Fisheries and shop as it is our local shop and fishery,  and we hope to resolve the problems with licenses for next year.                  Memberships are available from Crockers Hardware, High Street, Gillingham and from the Timepiece, Gillingham and preferably could anglers who would like information about the club and would like to join go to Crockers on Saturdays as there will be a member of the Association there to answer questions and to fill out memberships.   Further details of the club including prices, locations and fisheries can be found online at

Crockers of Gillingham are having an Gillingham Membership day this Saturday for anybody wishing to purchase a club membership.
There will be club members on hand to answer any questions regarding the club waters and matches etc, so if you need to purchase your licence, please feel free to pop in at any stage on Saturday and say hello.

11th May 2014
Many thanks to everybody that attended the presentation night last week, it was good to see so many people present and most trophys and awards collected.
It was a great night, and i'm sure there were one or two sore heads the following morning!
Sorry to all those that left early and didnt get to see Mr Moody throwing some shapes on the dance floor! :-) 

All summer and winter match dates, plus membership prices have now been added and updated on the website.

Will Gillingham and Sturminster members please note that Lodden Lakes is shut this weekend of May16th/17th for a work party, and all are welcome to come and lend a hand.

02nd May 2014
Gillingham & District Angling Association Presentation Night
This Saturday 3rd May at the Olive Bowl in Gillingham
All are members and non members are welcome to attend this event and we especially urge all trophy and cup winners to attend to collect your silverware please. Presenation will start around 8.30pm, bar will be open from 7.30pm,
Hope to see you all there for what is usually a great night out :-)

28th April 2014
The Gillingham AA AGM is on Wednesday 14th May at the Coronation Club, Gillingham.
Any proposals should be sent or emailed to Simon Hebditch before the AGM.

16th March 2014
The first Gillingham Spring Series is on Mappowder on 16th March.  Members please note that both lakes are closed for this.
The Gillingham & District Angling Association will be running their annual instruction course for would be anglers again this spring, you must be between 9 and 12 years old to enrol for the course which will start on Thursday 1st May at Two Counties Lake near Mere from 6.30pm until 8.30pm, then again for the next three Thursday’s and will end with a small match between all the course members, if you would like to try it then give me John Collings a ring on 01747-821301 and come and have some fun.

01st October 2013
There is a work party on the river this weekend, meet at Trill bridge at 9am - or contact Dave Sealy for more details and the week after is the first Gillingham AA Winter Championship on the River Stour.


To all you keen fishermen and ladies the rod donated by Preston Innovations to raise money for our juniors is now at Todber Manor Fisheries, please go and buy a number or two and help us bring more children into our sport, the money raised will help to buy equipment for future juniors joining Gillingham and District Angling Association, they are only £1 a number so go and buy some.



20th Sept 2013
Please note that due to the recent car break-ins at Lodden Lakes the club has now taken measures to try and prevent this re-occuring.
We have now fitted barbed wire along the top of the main fence, removed the hedge adjacent to the lake and reverted back to the padlock on the main gate.
Any angler unsure of the code for the padlock can contact the Chairman (Mike Hunt), Match secratary (Dave Sealy) or any other member of the club who should hopefully have the code (please see the contact us page for telephone numbers).
To help keep these thugs out, PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU CLOSE AND LOCK THE GATE ON ENTERING AND LEAVING THE CAR PARK, just remember that it may be your car next if its left open!!

Lastly, please can we ask you to report any suspicious behaviour or thefts/break-ins at this site to the club

07th Sept 2013
Please note that the keepnet ban has been lifted on Two Counties Lakes.

08th August 2013
Sorry for the delay in posting the last few match results but i've been on holiday


Tickets are are still available for the 17th annual Gillingham & District Angling Association 3 Day Festival which is on August 24th, 25th and 26th on the Dave Hillier Lake at Lodden, Turners Paddock at Stourhead and Whitepost Lakes at Todber. Entry is £80 all in and would all those who want to fish contact Simon Hebditch as soon as possible to confirm their place on (01747)821218, and with this in mind Gillingham AA are holding an Open on Turners Paddock on Saturday 27th July.  Draw at 9.  Fish 10.30-3.30.  Book in with Simon on (01747) 821218.

22nd July 2013
Please note that there is now a temporary keepnet ban in place at Two Counties Lakes due to the hot weather. This is only a temporary ban that will be lifted as soon as the weather cools down slightly and is for the benifit of the fish, so we ask all anglers to respect this temporary measure.
We will let you know as soon as this has been lifted.

15th July 2013

Gillingham AA Chairman Mike Hunt has been up to Turners Paddock at the weekend for a short pleasure session and bagged himself 8 x Tench with some skimmers and hybrids for 35lb, so the signs are good and it shows that there are still plenty of fish in there.
Mikes mixed net of fish all came to float fished maggot.

If you've been up to Turners lately please let us know how you've got on and dont forget to send any recent catch photos in if you'd like them on the website.  

Tickets are now available for the 17th annual Gillingham & District Angling Association 3 Day Festival which is on August 24th, 25th and 26th on the Dave Hillier Lake at Lodden, Turners Paddock at Stourhead and Whitepost Lakes at Todber. Entry is £80 all in and would all those who want to fish contact Simon Hebditch as soon as possible to confirm their place on (01747)821218, and with this in mind Gillingham AA are holding an Open on Turners Paddock on Saturday 27th July.  Draw at 9.  Fish 10.30-3.30.  Book in with Simon on (01747) 821218.

11th July 2013
Local rod 'Wayne bagger Hunt' has fished for 6 hours on the main lake at Two Counites at the weekend bagging himself a wopping 141lb 6oz (some of which is pictured below). Wayne has had these on a variety of methods and baits, including pole, pellet waggler and method.
Well done Wayne, hopefully see you back on the summer outings next weekend?

 Wayne Hunt at 2 Counties

* Various bits of info being prepared for the website, such as lake rules and the club handbook - these will follow shortly.

08th July 2013
One of the venues for the next summer outing has been amended, we have now change Turners Paddock to Rush Lake at Coking Farm so we are now fishing Two Counties and Coking Farm.

01st June 2013

New 2013 - 2014 memberships are available now, these are required from June 16th, please visit the Membership & Day tickets page for prices and outlets.

Summer outings venues and dates have been announced:

1) 09/06/13: Todber Manor - Park Lake
2) 23/06/13: Broadlands - Match Lake
3) 07/07/13: Avalon
4) 21/07/13: 2 Counties/Turners Paddock
5) 01/09/13: Todber Manor - Park Lake
6) 15/09/13: 2 Counties/Turners Paddock

Other Summer matches:

30/06/13: Jim Debenham Memorial - Lodden Lakes - Dave Hillier Lake
29/09/13: Carnival Match - Lodden Lakes - Dave Hillier Lake

Winter River Series dates added:

1) 13/10/13
2) 27/10/13
3) 10/11/13
4) 24/11/13
5) 08/12/13
6) 05/01/14

Other winter matches:

15/12/13: Christmas Match
22/12/13: Reserve date
19/01/14: Pairs Match
09/02/14: Dave Hillier Memorial Match
02/03/14: Committe Match

Work Parties on the river: 

Please note that the following venues will be closed for visiting clubs on the following dates:
02nd June: Lodden Lakes - Dave Hillier Lakes (Shaftesbury Football Club)
25th July: Lodden Lakes - Dave Hillier Lakes (Weston House Angling)
04th Aug: Lodden Lakes - Dave Hillier Lakes (Wiltshire Angling)
11th Aug: Turners Paddock (Wiltshire Angling)

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